Volkish means ‘of the people or race’ and expresses adherence to our organic culture and lifestyle, free from alien influence and artificial ways of living. It is an announcement of a ‘new table of values’. It is a new ethical code and way of life for our people–one that is primal and natural, and thus healthy and good.

To live a Volkish life–to be Volkish–means that one embodies the communitarian spirit by living and working for the Volk, our people. Individualism, egoism, and materialism are enemies of the Volksh way. Weakness is not celebrated, it something to be overcome. Loyalty to the Volk is the unbreakable cornerstone. We affirm this new world-view within ourselves and proclaim to others with a full heart and an unshakable will, because we know now who we truly are and what we truly want.


The term was first popularized during the cultural and spiritual awakening that occurred in Germanic Europe in the late 19th and early 20th century. Their Volkish awakening was a true revolution in German culture. Its practitioners sought to fundamentally reform all aspects of modern life; from their inner spiritual life to their governing political structures. These Volkish ideas—which were essentially “pagan” in nature—ultimately manifested politically in Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. The society he created–for the short time it lasted–was one of health, beauty, strength and independence. As the American Francis P. Yockey said, Hitler was the “hero of the 20th century”.

The Present Hour

Today our race is in a fight for its survival all over the world. This is not a new fight, but rather one that has been going on for centuries. Today, instead of communist revolution, our most immediate danger is the mass invasion into our lands by racial aliens.

We have thus far failed to protect ourselves from this threat. We have failed because we have no loyalty to each other. We are not Volkish. We are internally divided and confused about who we are. Every single one of our problems stems from this deficiency. The reason it has now become a life or death situation is because this weakness has been maliciously and relentlessly exploited by the Jewish elite that rules us.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way out of this trap. We cannot simply vote our way out of this problem. Demographic changes and anti-white laws are merely a symptom of the weak and cowardly way of life we have succumbed to. We must first change ourselves. That is the challenge of the 21st century, the challenge that will be overcome by each of us becoming Volkish. Because once this is done, and we have conquered this weakness in ourselves, anything will be possible.