We are a voluntary unincorporated association

The decentralized, ‘tribal’ way of organizing is the most natural and effective at the present time. The Volkish Project will be composed of local networks of men and women striving to lead a Volkish life and encouraging the same in others.

Although there is no national leadership structure giving direction to every local group, regional leadership–as it develops–will naturally be looked to when large projects are undertaken.

Levels of Involvement

Those who wish to contribute to Volkish Project will sort themselves into two basic groups in accordance with their inherent quality and demonstrated level of commitment.


There are no requirements at this level other than general support for the cause. Supporters may donate to the general fund or contribute in other ways to one of the active projects they favor. They have access to the shop and promotional materials. Depending on the person, a supporter may be invited to attend certain events or collaborate on particular projects.


This is not a ‘pay to play’ organization—membership is not purchased. We encourage people to learn from this site and start living the Volkish life as soon as possible. The first step, as always, is a willed change in your own life.

However, at the core of Volkish living is the strong communitarian ethos that must find expression in real life communities. To that end, you need to seek out and connect with others in your local area and become your own organizer. Membership is thus earned in this way through contribution and commitment over time.

Eventually a prospective member who shows superior loyalty, courage and learning—in addition to living by Volkish principles—will be invited to obtain full membership. The prospective member must then pass a fitness test, an ancestry test and an informal backround check. In addition, all founding members of the Volkish Project must approve the new member.

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