Volkish Principles

Only the ideas that we actually live are of any value.

-Herman Hesse

For those who are serious, it is time to do a total ‘life audit’ on yourself. Re-examine everything you do and everything you currently value from this new Volkish perspective. Then make the necessary changes to your life.

We currently don’t have the power to change society as a whole (hence our rejection of ‘politics’) but we do have the power to change ourselves right now by living in accordance with Volkish principles. Not a single law needs to be altered for us to begin living right. All we need is the will, knowledge and the support of our Volkish community.

Merely having an opinion on how things should be changed is common and easy. We seek rather to become the living examples of our ideals, first because it is natural and good to do so and second because it will inspire in others the desire to rise to our level. That is the Volkish way.

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